New Haven Farms

Diabetes Prevention Program/Chabaso Community Garden & New Haven Farms

The Diabetes Prevention Program at the Fair Haven Community Health Center has partnered with Chabaso Bakery to prevent diabetes in the Fair Haven neighborhood through the community garden and education program to promote healthy lifestyle habits among people at risk.  Improved access to nutritious foods through the garden, and comprehensive lifestyle education are signs of a win-win health intervention. The program aims to expand participation, garden acreage, and influence throughout the neighborhood.  [From Hope for Diabetes Prevention Grows in Chabaso’s New Haven Garden, Thomas MacMillan, New Haven Independent, November 2010.] 

New Haven Farms is a non-profit  that has grown out of the DPP/Chabaso Community Garden.  The clinic works with this program to help patients at risk for Diabetes gain access to fresh produce and learn more about healthy eating and lifestyle. New Haven Farms was created to: 

  • Establish and cultivate year-round urban farms that grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, flowers, and trees; maintain domestic farm animals; and distribute the food generated from these farms to residents of New Haven.
  • Educate the public about food, nutrition, environment, and urban planning, both to benefit the health of the individual and that of the entire community.
  • New Haven Farms provides access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables for those most affected by – or at risk for – chronic disease, thereby contributing to the health and vitality of its members. 
  • Promote the health and development of the community.

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