Nurturing Families Network (NFN)

Nurturing Families Network (NFN)

The mission of the NFN program at FHCHC is to ensure that parents receive the support, education, and resources necessary to become successful parents. We offer intensive home visiting services for first time parents and parenting groups. Nurturing Families Network assists parents by promoting positive parenting, providing information about infant-child development, connecting families to community resources, and offering emotional support.  

Home Visiting Services 
NFN staff visit with first time parents in the home to ease the transition into parenthood.  Each visit is focused on the healthy growth and development of the child. The Program is offered to all first time parents and is a free and voluntary program which families may stay enrolled  in until the child is five. NFN home visitors are bilingual and sensitive to the cultural values of families in the New Haven community.

Nurturing Parenting Groups  
Parent Groups bring parents and/or primary mother or father figures together in a safe and nurturing environment to share their experiences about the joys and difficulties of parenting and to learn positive parenting techniques.

NFN also offers separate Fathering Groups to meet the unique needs of fathers. All groups teach child development, nutrition, safety and education; strengthen parenting skills; connect families to community resources; build friendships and trust; and share free meals together.

For More Information Contact 
Fair Haven Community Health Center
Nuturing Families Network Program
374 Grand Ave., New Haven, CT 06513
Phone: 203-777-7411 ext 5072, ext 5350, en español ext. 5277