[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]PRESS RELEASE:  Access to health care now greater than ever through telemedicine visits.

As the COVID-19 virus dominates the news cycle, Fair Haven Community Health Care is reaching out to patients to make sure that non-COVID related health care needs are also being met. As always, FHCHC continues to offer high quality, integrated health care to all, including members of the uninsured and immigrant communities, regardless of ability to pay. A new FHCHC program suspends payments for most uninsured patients, during the COVID-19 health emergency.

Maintaining good health is now more important than ever and individuals are encouraged to keep appointments for diabetes, hypertension, asthma care, and other chronic illnesses. Pre-natal care and childhood immunizations, behavioral health sessions and prescription renewals are also vital health care routines that should be maintained.

“We are committed to providing access to high quality health care, even in these challenging times. Health care for all is vital for every person, and for the community at large.” said Dr. Suzanne Lagarde, CEO of FHCHC. “We are committed to making sure that no one falls between the cracks at a time when COVID-19 is stretching so many of our important health care resources.”

Using telemedicine (a patient-provider visit by phone or video chat), FHCHC patients can receive the care they need without having to leave their home, and at no additional cost. A complete screening to determine patient care needs is done at the time the appointment is made. Patients requiring a face-to-face appointment will also have their vitals screened as they arrive at FHCHC for their appointment. Patients unable to qualify for insurance may participate in a sliding discount fee program or if eligible, have fees completely waived for all medical care received during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New and existing patients should call 203-777-7411 for an appointment. Patients will be guided by a triage nurse to determine if telemedicine or in-person is best for their health care needs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]