Health Insurance

HUSKY (Medicaid) and other Qualified Health Plans

The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”) allows people to enroll in a qualified health plan. If you currently do not have health insurance, you may be eligible to get health insurance independently of your employer or qualify for government coverage.

Types of coverage

HUSKY and Qualified Health Plans are two forms of health coverage.

  • HUSKY is the state’s public health coverage program. It provides coverage for individuals who qualify based on factors like income and household composition.
  • There are three types of HUSKY: A, B, C, and D. Individuals can apply for A, B, and D through the state run marketplace called Access Health CT.
  • Qualified Health Plans are private health insurance plans also available on Access Health CT.

Who can apply?

  • Anyone can apply for health care coverage through Access Health CT.
  • Based on factors like income and household composition the computer system will evaluate what an individual qualifies for.
  • The computer system will also determine if an individual qualifies for any subsidies that will help make paying for health coverage more affordable.

Who is eligible?

  • To be eligible for HUSKY, individuals typically must have lived legally in the country for five years.
  • Some exceptions exist: exemptions that give eligibility to children and pregnant women.
  • To be eligible for a Qualified Health Plan individuals must be legally present in the country and must plan to stay for the duration of the plan year.

We can help!

If you don’t have insurance, our Certified Application Counselor (CACs) can help you enroll. Our counselors have been extensively trained to help you navigate Access Health CT, Connecticut’s healthcare marketplace. Access Health CT is the gateway to both HUSKY and other Qualified Health Plans (QHPs). For help or any questions, please call our team at 203-777-7411.