Adult and Geriatric

The Fair Haven Community Health Center provides care to all ages of adults from 18 to over 100. Every adult patient is able to select a primary care provider from one of two distinct clinical teams, which are comprised of physicians and nurse practitioners. We consider this one-on-one relationship essential for good health care. We make it possible for our patients to establish a comfortable relationship with someone who is knowledgeable about their medical history and needs. Integral members of the teams are the nurses, clinical assistants and social work support staff.

In addition to ongoing monitoring of adults for physical exams and check ups, Fair Haven has exceptional program for cancer screening and the management of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular problems, asthma, kidney disease, and HIV infection. The clinic offers free first-time colonoscopies for all patients over the age of 50, and free mammograms and Pap smears for women ages 19 and over. Fair Haven is an active participant in the federal government’s Chronic Disease Care Management Model and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), which focuses on reducing health disparities. This health care model provides care beyond the one-on-one interaction between the patient and the clinician, including support with health education, self management, changes in the health care community, support for obtaining medications, and a computerized tracking system to support the team’s efforts.

The Center assists patients with referrals to specialists. Patients can also see certain specialists, including endocrinologists, hematologists, gynecologists, and infectious disease physicians, at Fair Haven. For uninsured patients, this assistance includes investigating all possible special programs for arranging support for payment of services, including enrollment in various programs for low cost or free prescriptions. Some laboratory work is performed on-site at the CLIA-certified laboratory of the Fair Haven and other lab work is sent to private or state laboratories for analysis. Fair Haven has a computerized hook up with Quest laboratories for obtaining rapid results.

Bella Vista

At our newly remodeled medical care offices at the Bella Vista housing complex, Fair Haven Community Health Care literally brings health care to the doorstep of Bella Vista residents. Our on-site care team helps residents live independently in their own apartments because health care is easily accessible. No need to hop on a bus or navigate the streets of New Haven!

Our Bella Vista offices are staffed by a full-time Office Manager, Nurse Manager, and Clinical Assistant. The medical care team includes several dedicated primary care providers, a geriatric specialist, a podiatrist, a psychiatrist, and a therapy provider. Each patient is assigned a primary care physician and can access services both at Bella Vista and any of our other locations. 

If you are already a Bella Vista resident, stop by and meet our staff!  We’d be honored to be your medical home!