Specialty Services

Your provider may recommend you see a specialty care provider for additional treatment. Fair Haven community Health Care offers an number of specialty care services on site so you don’t have to go elsewhere. Your care team can provide you with more information if required.


Patients requiring specialty services for wide variety of skin conditions can be seen in our dermatology clinic. A Board certified, experienced dermatology specialist is available to diagnose and treat rashes as well as a variety of skin growths and conditions that require biopsy or removal. Facilitation of advanced dermatology care is also performed. The dermatology services on site are in addition to our E-Consult services that we provide for dermatology as well.


Our Endocrinology specialty service cares for patients with a wide variety of hormonal and related imbalances. From common problems like diabetes to more rare and syndromic diagnosis that at times can be familial in nature, our Endocrinology clinic provides expert care to patients and families. We can perform advanced laboratory testing on site at all of our care delivery locations.


Our Optometry clinic is available at our 374 Grand Avenue site and serves patients with a variety of eye conditions. We provide easy access for our large diabetic population to receive their annual eye exams and our Optometrist also participates in our E-Consult program for tele-retinal services.