Request for Proposal (RFP)


Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. (FHCHC), a Federally Qualified Health Center, is
seeking proposals from qualified contractors to provide uniformed security services for our
sites located at 374 Grand Avenue and 50 Grand Avenue, both in New Haven, CT, as well as
at 221 W. Main Street in Branford, CT.
Contract security personnel will provide a variety of services, implementing FHCHC’s security
objectives according to policies and procedures which may include, but is not limited to, the
following general tasks: entry and egress access control, roving patrols of interior and exterior
building areas, visitor and building employee identification verification, incident and daily
operating reports, monitoring and responding to base building intrusion detection systems, alarms
and fire detection equipment, responding as necessary to support other life safety duties as
identified in post orders and standard operating procedures.
Contractor shall provide appropriate and necessary management and supervision for all
Contractor’s employees and shall be solely responsible for instituting and invoking disciplinary
action of employees not in compliance with Contractor’s rules and regulations, as well as any other
policy established by the contracting parties.
Contractor shall administer all cost accounting and billing relative to this contract. Contractor shall
respond as necessary to accommodate additional duty hours as may be requested by FHCHC.
The successful firm will be expected to provide all services as described within this
document through to project completion.
Proposals from women and minority owned businesses are encouraged.
Timeline of the RFP:

03/7/2023 – Release of RFP Documents
03/15/2023 – Deadline for request for additional information
03/20/2023 – Final responses for Request for Information issued.
03/24/2023 – Proposals must be received by 12:00PM Eastern Time in the Administrative Offices of Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. 374 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT 06513 Attention: Nestor Quinones, Procurement Specialist,, cc Janine Davey, Director of Facilities,
Proposals may be either in hard copy or electronic.
4/1/2023 – Award Contract

1. The selection of the successful Contractor will be made based on evaluation and
determination of the relative ability of each Bidder to deliver quality service in a costeffective manner.
2. Responses to this RFP are due by timeline stated above. Late submittals will be rejected.
3. Any questions regarding this RFP should also be addressed to the above individuals.
Contractors may not contact other executives, managers or employees of FHCHC without
permission of the manager of the RFP process.
4. The Firm is responsible for conducting necessary research, visiting the site and becoming
familiar with the organization as necessary. Firm may contact Janine Davey, Facilities
Director to set up a walk-through, if necessary.
Firm Requirements:
1. Provide a brief company history, mission statement and organizational summary. Explain
ownership (private or public) and include brief biographical information regarding the
personnel who would be directly responsible for the management and local supervision of
this awarded contract.
2. Describe how recruitment and selection of security officers is accomplished. All personnel
and supervision provided under this RFP must be thoroughly trained, experienced and
qualified to perform the work to which they are assigned. Bidder shall have a documented
employment process, which shall include application, interview, drug testing and
background check phases. A written description of the Bidder’s employment process and
qualifications are to be included in the process.
3. Outline administrative controls, plans and process to monitor and assure contract
compliance of security services. Include methods of quality control, contract administration,
audits, management inspection programs, conduct and job performance standards,
corrective action planning and follow-up reporting.
4. Proposed fees must include billing rates for Security Officers.
5. Include overtime policies, holiday policies and rates.
6. Proposed invoicing frequency and procedures and applicable discounts. All invoices will
clearly identify applicable job site or job codes. Explain how discounts will be applied for
different payment terms.
7. Contractor is expected to provide uniformed security services in and around properties as
per site specifications and times.
8. The successful bidder shall carry and maintain, with respect to any work or service to be
performed at FHCHC facilities, insurance written by a responsible insurance company.
9. Proposals must be valid for 30 days.
10. The selected firm will be required to enter into a contract with Fair Haven Community Health
Clinic, Inc. Additional contract conditions may be required, depending upon the nature and
extent of the services to be provided. Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. reserves the
right to negotiate a change or modification to any of the proposed contractual conditions.

RFP General Terms
1. Acceptance of Proposal: Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. reserves the right to reject
any and all proposals and to waive informalities, if, at its discretion, the interests of Fair
Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. will be best served thereby.
2. Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. reserves the right to accept other than the lowest
cost proposal, and to negotiate the specified dollar amount, or any portion of that amount.
Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. reserves the right to negotiate contract changes
following the award.
3. If there is any conflict between these documents and the proposal, these documents shall
4. Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this RFP in writing or
postpone the date and time for submitting proposals at any time prior to the proposal due
5. No proposer shall have a right to make a claim against Fair Haven Community Health Clinic,
Inc. in the event FHCHC accepts a proposal or does not accept any proposals.
6. Nondiscrimination: Vendor will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for
employment because of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, sex, national origin, sexual
preference, disability, age, marital status, or status with regard to public assistance or as
7. Debarment and Suspension: The Contractor warrants and represents that neither it, nor its
principals, employees or agents who would perform services under this RFP are presently
debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded
from participation by any Federal or State department or agency.