Patient Partnership Feedback Groups

The Patient Partnership

Do you want to get more involved in shaping care at FHCHC?
Let us introduce The Patient Partnership!

Here is our Vision:

The Patient Partnership is a volunteer group of patients and their caregivers who are committed to keeping Fair Haven Community Health Care the best person-centered care provider possible.
We come together to share our own voices, and look to gather other FHCHC patients’ experiences to share as well. 

All of our voices will help inform FHCHC about current practices, policies, and possible new initiatives and we will act as partners with FHCHC in working together to find solutions.

We meet for an hour one Saturday morning every month, one group in English, one in Spanish – do you want to join us?
We invite anyone who is interested to contact Denise Dean, Planetree Program Manager by emailing her using the button below or by phone at 203-777-7411, extension 6201 to talk more!
Interested in providing instant feedback outside of the group meetings? Fill out our Patient Feedback Survey using the button below.