One year ago, on October 24th, we opened up Grand Pharmacy. Within the first year, Grand Pharmacy has served nearly 4,000 unique patients! Our Pharmacy team set the standard to serve patients with a smile and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Grand Pharmacy has continued to grow rapidly and demand for prescription delivery allows patients seen at other sites to take advantage of our in house pharmacy. With the addition of a second pharmacy driver, we are able to deliver to nearly 40 locations a day, including clinically administered medications across our 14 sites. New services like medication packaging, increase medication adherence and help address health challenges. Grand Pharmacy also offers much-needed Medication Therapy Management, which improves FHCHC’s ability to provide comprehensive care and monitor patient outcomes.

With the support of our staff, Grand Pharmacy has exceeded expectations and has dispensed about 20,000 prescriptions to date. This is a significant achievement and it reflects the hard work and dedication of the entire Grand Pharmacy team.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Grand Pharmacy!

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