Request for Proposal (RFP)


Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. (FHCHC), a Federally Qualified Health Center, is seeking proposals to upgrade our current HVAC systems at our 374 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT site. Current systems are nearing end of service life and we are looking to increase efficiency and reliability. Read more in our HVAC RFP documents. 

Current systems are nearing end of service life and we are looking to increase efficiency and reliability.

The project is funded by Grant monies and therefore, may be subject to predetermined disbursement criteria. The successful firm will be expected to provide all services as described within this document through to project completion.

Proposals from women and minority owed businesses are encouraged.


3/13/2023 – Release of RFP Documents

3/21/2023 – Site Inspection, 374 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT. Bidders can make appointments to tour the site. Contact Janine Davey, Director of Facilities, cell: 781.760.6203 or email:

3/29/2023 – Deadline for Request for additional information.

4/04/2023 – Final Responses to Request for Information issued.

4/21/2023 – Proposals must be received by 12:00PM Eastern Time in the Administrative Offices of Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, Inc. 374 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT 06513 Attention: Nestor Quinones, Procurement Specialist.

Or email Nestor Quinones:

cc Janine Davey:

Proposals may be either in hard copy or electronic

5/08/2023 – Anticipated Award of Contract


Scope of Work:

Remove and replace any existing piping and equipment necessary to included units. Furnish and install new equipment and any related materials needed. Make any modifications needed to accommodate the new equipment. Note: any units requiring filters must accommodate up to least MERV 13.

The work to be done under this division of the specifications include the furnishings of all equipment, supplies, labor, supervision, and all materials not specifically mentioned, ready for use, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and fire protection equipment and associated items. It is the intention to have all work finished, tested and operational upon completion.

It is also the intent that all mechanical specifications, where specifically mentioned here or not, shall be furnished. All work and materials necessary to fulfill this intent shall be supplied under the mechanical specifications without additional costs to the owner.


due to cost inflation, please price each per unit, as FHCHC may not be able to do all the units and the number of units we are purchasing can vary depending upon funds available.



  1. All materials, labor and associated costs required to undertake and complete the project must be included in proposals, i.e., demolition, duct work, electrical, trades & equipment and any possible finish work.
  2. A project schedule, including start date, installation schedule and anticipated number of days for the actual installation to be completed. Note that the building will be in operation during installation and would intend to stay open to the maximum extent possible during the term of the project.
  3. The selected contractor must show evidence of adequate insurance of the types the Owner requires.
  4. Note that FHCHC is a not-for-profit entity not subject to State sales tax.
  5. Bids should include related electrical, fire suppression and all other trades, as well as the management of those trades, required to provide a complete project.
  6. Responsible for demo and removal of all replaced equipment.
  7. Evening and weekend work may be required.
  8. Secure required permits.