On Sunday, June 25, 35 former staff of the Community Health Care Plan (CHCP) gathered at a reunion hosted by Dr. Suzanne Lagarde and Dr. Ron Rozett, both former employees of CHCP. The CHCP was the original tenant of 150 Sargent Drive and provided community health services similar to what FHCHC provides today. As the former staff toured the facility, they were able to reminisce about where their offices were located while being able to see the changes made. All were pleased with the renovations and amenities now offered to both staff and patients.

Dr. Rozett is also a donor to FHCHC and thought it would be great to share an update on our work with the former employees of CHCP. The reunion brought together many from the original CHCP staff for an afternoon of seeing the changes at 150 Sargent Drive, and to share food and fond memories.