On June 5th, Kristal Velazquez CNM and Yoaniris Deleon MA had no clue on that day, they would be delivering a baby in our 50 Grand location.

A patient at our 50 Grand location came in for a normal labor check at 40 weeks and 1 day. Little did they know that it would be their child’s birthday! In exam room 7, a baby boy was brought into the world as Kristal Velazquez CNM and Yoaniris Deleon MA assisted with the birth.

Oni Muhammad CNM assisted post delivery while Dr. Mellisa Pensa assessed the newborn to ensure he was a healthy boy. After delivery, the mother and baby were transported to hospital via EMS.

We wish them best as this new adventure begins! Shout out to the 50 Grand team who were on hand and ready to assist with delivering the baby.